How does the checkout work?

You can do this in our app!

1. Shift worked 
Done with your shift? Nice. In the main screen of the app, you now have the option to submit your hours. You check the worked shifts (start, end and break time) and adjust the times when necessary. Then you submit the checkout.


Tip: Submit your hours as soon as possible after your shift. This way you avoid late payouts. 

2. Counter-proposal client 
It is then up to the client to approve or make a counter-proposal for the hours you have submitted. As a flex worker you will receive an automated e-mail of every agreement or modified proposal. 

3. Approval on counter -proposal 
If the client has issued a counter proposal, you can accept it. Do you disagree? Then it is useful to enter into discussions with the client and come to a solution.  

Note: If a no-show is submitted by the client, you will not be paid. Always check the counter-proposal whether this is correct to avoid misunderstandings. Is it not right in your opinion? Consult with the client in a professional manner. is not responsible for solving this problem. 

4. Retrieve checkout 
Do you want to retrieve how many hours you have worked this month? Under "history" you can find the checkout you completed, including updates. 

Please note: You cannot change the checkout after you have confirmed it.