How does work?

Everything you need to know to get started on our platform.

You can easily post a job on our platform whenever you want. You as the client are in control. After posting the job, every flex worker can register himself. Because they have had previous assessments and have therefore worked on a digital resume, you can choose who gets to work.

When the job is finished, the flex worker submits his hours worked via the app. These can be approved at the touch of a button. At the end of each week we will send you an invoice with all hours and rates worked through our platform. This way you have a clear picture of all costs every week. So transparent. We also arrange all payments to flex workers. So you won't have to make any effort for this.

Satisfied with a flex worker? Give it a good rating or even add it to your permanent flex pool. This means that this flex worker can be reached even faster when you need reinforcements!

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