Wat is het verschil tussen een flexwerk platform en een uitzendbureau?

Flexwerken via Level.works brengt meer vrijheid en verantwoordelijkheid met zich mee.

An employment agency is an intermediary between contractors and clients. We, as Level.works, on the other hand, are a platform where supply and demand are brought together. We take care of the invoicing for you, but for the rest you work as an independent entrepreneur and, in addition to the responsibilities, you can also reap the benefits. 

Free as a bird
That way you are not tied to any contract. You work individual jobs for clients where you are never obliged to come and work a certain number. You can pick up services for as many different clients as you want and you can decide for yourself how often and when you want to work a service via the platform. 

Your job, your schedule 
Choose today what you will do tomorrow? Or plan a little further ahead? Via Level.works you always determine how much and for whom you work. Do you want to work five days a week? Or five days a year? Equally good friends. In any case, we make sure that there is always something for you to do. 

You can work for several clients at the same time. For example, you can work in logistics today as an order picker, while you worked a shift as a delivery person yesterday. By the way, tomorrow you will be tutoring at a secondary school. 

Can't wait either? 
Read here how you can start with flexworking via Level.works.